Site and foundation layout
We are often able to complete the site and foundation layout versus having to hire a surveyor, which in turn saves the owners money.
Storm and foundation drainage
Water management is an important and often overlooked item that is critical to a quality built home. We utilize the best practices and materials to insure that you won’t be surprised with a flooded basement, overflowing downspouts, or the dreaded musty basement.
We have framed all our homes since 1997. Utilizing advanced framing techniques we minimize waste and improve energy efficiency. By being involved in the framing process we are better able to foresee errors and omissions as well as make revisions as we go. It is very common to make minor framing changes during the construction of a custom home.
Windows and Doors
Windows and doors can be a source of water intrusion if not properly installed. Not only do we install our doors and windows according to each manufacturer’s recommendations, we have created a system of weather-proofing the door and window openings that will help to prevent damage to the structure in case of a unit failure.
Siding preparation
The material(s) installed under the siding play a very important role in the overall energy efficiency and weather proofing of the house. In addition they also can affect the longevity of the siding and paint or finish. Knowledge of the materials and how to properly install them is of the utmost importance for the overall performance of the exterior of your house.
Whether it’s modern metal, painted Hardi, or traditional cedar shingles, we have the knowledge, skill and experience to create a beautiful and weather-proof home.
Exterior Trim
Utilizing the proper exterior trim materials and details are what separate an ordinary siding job from a great siding job.
In conjunction with the siding and exterior trim, soffits play an important role in the overall look, feel, and performance of a house. Since many homes ventilate the attic area through the soffits, proper venting and its installation are critical to energy efficiency and moisture removal.
Interior trim and millwork
Interior trim and millwork are often among the defining characteristics of a home. The design, installation, and finish must all work together to achieve a desired look and feel. We have installed the interior trim and millwork in all of our homes.
Cabinet installation
We install all cabinets when not installed by the cabinet builders themselves, from a single bath vanity to full kitchens.
With our dedicated wood shop and finish room we are able to build and finish any number of custom woodworking projects. In addition to custom pieces we’re able to mill and pre-finish materials in a conditioned space.
Decks, fences, and railings
Here in the Pacific Northwest the proper construction details and techniques are as important as the materials used for the longevity of any outdoor structure. We have developed a series of techniques and use only the highest quality materials to insure a long lasting deck or fence.