Our Process

It is our policy to focus on your project from beginning to end. In other words, once we start we will be there until your new home, addition, or remodel is complete. We schedule future projects with the understanding that any projects currently underway take precedence until they are finished.

We also pride ourselves on going above and beyond what is expected from a general contractor when it comes to customer service. Whether building a home or remodeling a bathroom there is a tremendous amount of information and numerous decisions to be made. For someone unfamiliar with the construction process this can seem overwhelming at times. It is our goal to provide you with the proper information, guidance, and time lines to help you create the finished product you are looking for.

By living where we work we have a constant presence on site before, during, and after the project is complete. This is unique to our business as it creates a more personal experience than just an owner/contractor relationship. This is also why we have become successful as a referral based company within such a small community. After all, nearly 100% of our clients in the last 13 years are our neighbors.